Scouting done for Paradise Lagoon!

OK, our trusty scouts, Art Constantineau and Bob Martin finished the scouting for the Paradise Lagoon ride coming up on the 12th.  There were several downed trees, but the scouts have cleared the trail for us once again, and all systems are go.  The ride is about 100 KM long, so plan accordingly.  Since we get the question often, yes, Side-By-Sides are fine on this ride.  As a side note, Side-By-Sides are welcome, and usually present on all our rides.  If for some reason they are not (which I can’t think of why, as they are only a couple of inches wider usually, and now follow the same road rules in our area as ATVs), we will let you know.

The scouts advise this ride has a rating of 4 on the WNATV Club Ride Rating scale.  See our rating scale in the Rides Schedule section.

Hope you can all make it out for this ride on August 12th!