Ride Progress Tracking

WNATV Club has a SPOT Device

Our club’s SPOT device which allows us to track members on rides and send our location to 911.

Welcome to our Ride in Progress Tracking Page.  The WNATV Club has a SPOT.  This allows us to contact emergency services if anything happens during one of our rides.  This works everywhere in North America, even when there’s no cell service.

The Spot device uses a Satellite signal to transmit messages.  It is also equipped to contact 911 and send them the exact location of the emergency.

On this page we use it to track the ride in progress so we can check the exact location of our Members on one of our organized rides.  The spot is worn by either the Leader or the Tail of the ride.

Track Our Rides

See where the ride is, or where the last ride was at. This will re-direct you to our Spot page.  Keep in mind our Spot page will only keep the information from the last 7 days.