Powassan Ride Report — Barry Beauchamp

The bonus Powassan Ride was a real bonus. The weather was sunny at around 12 degree Celsius. To everyone’s surprise we had 14 bikes, 5 side by sides and 23 riders turn out. The whole day was one of fun and socializing with riding through trails winding through red pine trees as well as challenging all. One rider lost a front wheel only to find the missing 4 studs by backtracking 200 feet along the trail. A side by side went to the left of a water hole and nearly tipped over. Quick action by other riders saved the day and made this a reason to stop, have a break and discuss. Take a look at the photos on line to see the action.

We stopped at three lakes to enjoy the view and then at two lookouts overlooking the fall colours and the countryside below. BREATHTAKING. Arrived back at our parking area at 3:30 pm.

Again thanks all for the great day and to Art and Chuck for some serious scouting.

Barry ride tail.