Powassan Ride Report — Barry Beauchamp

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The bonus Powassan Ride was a real bonus. The weather was sunny at around 12 degree Celsius. To everyone’s surprise we had 14 bikes, 5 side by sides and 23 riders turn out. The whole day was one of fun and socializing with riding through trails winding through red pine trees as well as challenging all. One rider lost a front wheel only to find the missing 4 studs by backtracking 200 feet along the trail. A side by side went to the left of a water hole and nearly tipped over. Quick action by other riders saved the day and made this a reason to stop, have a break and discuss. Take a look at the photos on line to see the action.

We stopped at three lakes to enjoy the view and then at two lookouts overlooking the fall colours and the countryside below. BREATHTAKING. Arrived back at our parking area at 3:30 pm.

Again thanks all for the great day and to Art and Chuck for some serious scouting.

Barry ride tail.


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We’ve added one more ride for this season.  On Saturday October 14th, Art Constantineau will lead the Club in a ride through the beautiful scenery in Powassan, with Barry Beauchamp following up as tail.  The ride has been scouted, and we are ready to go.  The view should be fantastic, so make sure you bring your cameras.  The colours will either be peak, or just past peak.

We will meet at the north entrance to Powassan, in the parking lot by the northbound entrance from Powassan to Hwy. 11.  Please be there for 9 a.m.  We will leave this rally point at 9:10 a.m., and head to the “bush” parking lot at the end of Memorial Park Dr.  This will be the starting point for the ATV ride.

We will send an email out to all members very shortly, with a copy of the .gpx file, as well as a “map” of the ride.

Bring a lunch, and don’t forget your camera!  This is going to be very scenic!  Here’s a sneak peek at a photo we took from one of the lookouts during the scouting run…..



Baie Jeanne Ride Report

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Just outside my window I hear the late September dogs
And I understand their warning I understand their song….” — Melissa Etheridge, Late September Dogs.

On an absolutely gorgeous late September morning, this past Saturday Sept. 30th, our Leader, Mike Labelle, and his Tail rider, Marcel Gascon led the group of us on a great WNATV Club ride known as, “Baie Jeanne”, sponsored by our friends at Savage Ford.

There were 9 quad ATVs and 1 side by side along with 11 of our Club Members.  This is a great turn out for Club, and is indicative of the growth we are once again experiencing this year. (We even had a new member sign-up at the ride!)

The riders left River Valley, from the Church parking lot at around 9:30 a.m. The weather was sunny and cool. A perfect day for the ATV ride. We traveled North to our lunch destination of Baie Jeanne, stopping for breaks, and to take pictures of the great scenery in this lake-filled area.

Along the way we also met up with several other ATV groups, who were also enjoying the great outdoors on this perfect fall day.  They too were going to the same destination as our Club riders.

The trail was mostly bush and gravel roads, and the bikes all performed well, without any major difficulties.

Following lunch at South Iron Lake, we journeyed back by bush roads, along several more clear Northern Ontario lakes.  Just as a sample, we saw Clem Lake, Temagami Lake, Lac a Brochets, Sinton Lake, South Iron Lake, and Lac Desjardins to name a few.

And what a view!  Colours in the trees were mixed from still green, to yellow, brown, orange, and red that was sometimes as dark as wine!

A great time was had by all, and we enjoyed chit-chatting and sharing stories with each other.

All arrived safely back in River Valley around 3:30 p.m.

Looking forward to the next ride already!


Lumpy’s Chipstand Ride Report

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On an absolutely beautiful September day, we started out onto our ride to Lumpy’s Chipstand.  This day was so welcome because the summer we had has been terrible.

Ten of our Club riders participated in this ride which was sponsored by our friends at Rivet Insurance.

After stopping at Camp Nine we continued our journey onward to Holdridge Creek.

The food was excellent, and everybody thoroughly enjoyed dinner.

We returned safely to our vehicles at 4:20 in the afternoon.

All were well, and we had no problems.