Paradise Lagoon Ride Report

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Yet another great ride by the WNATV Club members.  Bob Martin and Art Constantineau did a wonderful job of leading the 10 bikes and 12 riders on the Paradise Lagoon ride.  It was really great to meet some of our new members on the trail.  Whoever oversaw the weather gets 2 gold stars because it turned out perfect for us.  No rain, not too hot, some nice left-over water from the evening and morning to make a few “puddles” to cross, and damp enough to eliminate the dust on the road.

The ride started off with 30 km. of bush trails with mud, water and good trail riding.  We went up Kukagami  Rd. all the way to Paradise Lagoon  where we stayed for about an hour.  Next we started our journey back down Kukagami Rd. for 25 km. and onto a bush trail for 15 km. This part of the ride  followed through a beautiful red pine plantation area.  The trees make a sort of canopy, and combined with a carpet of pine needles, the smaller trees have a hard time to grow, so it is very open and visibility through the bush is good.  We saw evidence of both mining, and what looks like some logging starting up.  This seems like an area that might get developed very fast over the next couple of years.  We continued on these really nice trails to the old rail bed and then proceeded back to our vehicles.

I think all riders were impressed.  Not only with the ride, but with the camaraderie, and stories, and a great discussion about trailering and safety at the end of the ride.

There was only one minor casualty late in the ride in the form of a “check engine” light from one side by side.  They simply (and correctly) skipped the pine forest leg, opting for the more direct route down the  road back to the parking — just in case of a real problem.  They waited for the rest of the group to arrive, and we were glad they made it to the trucks without incident.

Next in the queue — Lumpy’s Chip Stand.  See the next ride information on our website!


Ride Safe, Ride Smart

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Here’s a nice little video on YouTube called “Ride Safe, Ride Smart” put together by the folks at the All Terrain Quad Council of Canada.


Enjoy!  Be safe, by riding smart!



Scouting done for Paradise Lagoon!

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OK, our trusty scouts, Art Constantineau and Bob Martin finished the scouting for the Paradise Lagoon ride coming up on the 12th.  There were several downed trees, but the scouts have cleared the trail for us once again, and all systems are go.  The ride is about 100 KM long, so plan accordingly.  Since we get the question often, yes, Side-By-Sides are fine on this ride.  As a side note, Side-By-Sides are welcome, and usually present on all our rides.  If for some reason they are not (which I can’t think of why, as they are only a couple of inches wider usually, and now follow the same road rules in our area as ATVs), we will let you know.

The scouts advise this ride has a rating of 4 on the WNATV Club Ride Rating scale.  See our rating scale in the Rides Schedule section.

Hope you can all make it out for this ride on August 12th!



Family Day Ride Report — Barry Beauchamp

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Family Day 2017:   What can we say? Beautiful day with perfect weather, great turnout and lots of socialization and fun. The ride was mostly on trails, winding through the bush, crossing Holditch Creek twice and ending up at Hwy 11 at the Rock Pine Restaurant.

There were 17 bikes with 23 riders. Six more members came by car to meet up with us for lunch. The clubs final contribution to the “à la carte” meal was $8 per person. The Rock Pine Restaurant managed to accommodate such a large group at once with fine food which was appreciated by all.

We returned to the parking area at 3:45 pm, tired but happy for such an excellent day. The family Day Ride success was due to the many volunteers who planned the day, the Corporate Sponsors who support our club and the riders who participated.

Thank you all


Barry (ride leader) and Art (ride tail)