Go Riding TV


Family Day 2012 with Go Riding TV

A total of 54 ATV’s and 68 riders showed up for the Family Day ride and 80+ people attended the lunch.

Last Year while checking out ATV videos on YouTube, we found a video on the St. Charles Big Bear ATV Rally, done by Go Riding TV.  The narrator of that video said that there were no local clubs in our area.  We posted a link to the video on our front page.

One of our directors, Steve Cerisano, decided he would contact Go Riding TV to let them know we do indeed have a local club. This started a string of e-mails and correspondance.

Mr. Cerisano extended an invitation to Go Riding to join us on one of our rides.  The ride we decided to do with them was our last ride of the year, our Winter Ride.  Below is video of this ride; Go Riding had a printed article as well as video clip they played on one of their episodes on TV.  We would like to thank Go Riding for a really good job.

Videos of Our Ride with Go Riding TV

Go Riding Magazine Article (click to view full-size).