Club Rides Schedule 2018

Tentative:  See important note below! 

Date Ride Lead Tail
1 Sat. April ?? Desjardins Sugarbush Barry Beauchamp from Sturgeon/Bob Martin from Field Art Constantineau
2 Sat. May 12 Thistle Lake Remake Barry Beauchamp Art Constantineau
3 Sat. June 9 Kukagami to Hwy 805 Art Constantineau Bob Martin
4 Sat. June 23 King Run Barry Beauchamp Art Constantineau
5 Sat. July 14 Yorston Ride  Bob Martin Art Constantineau
6 Sat. July 28 Holdridge Creek Larry Brandridge Art Constantineau
7 Wed. Aug. 8 Marten River Ride Dale Wilson Larry Brandridge
8 Sat. Aug.18 Murray Lake Art Constantineau Bob Martin
9 Sat. Sept. 8 Hwy 805 to Cross Lake Barry Beauchamp Art Constantineau
10 Wed. Sept. 19 Gull Lake Bob Martin Art Constantineau
11 Sat. Oct. 13 Powassan Ride Chuck Regan Art Constantineau
12 Sat. Nov.17 Tilden Lake Mike Labelle Art Constantineau

These are the tentative rides set at the Ride Meeting of February 1, 2018. ALL RIDES are subject to the availability of having a lead and a tail person. Volunteers are needed. As can be seen from above, there are many of the same leads and tails, and their availability for all rides is tentative. We need members to step up and volunteer for leads and tails! The continued success of the Club depends on the participation of our members!

Ride Leads will be responsible to determine whether or not a ride continues, subject to weather etc., and as much advance notice via email and webpage will be given. However, it could be that a ride is cancelled for some reason and not enough time is available to notify all members. There is a remote possibility members show up for a ride only to find it has been a last minute cancellation, and notice could not go out in time. Safety is our number one priority.

Ride ratings, distances and sponsor names may be added at a later date.


Ride Rating System

  1. Very easy, mostly road and good trails. No challenges.
  2. Mostly easy, but with some minor challenges.
  3. Trails with some minor mud, obstacles, and bush cover.
  4. Trails with some challenging mud, obstacles or fairly dense bush.
  5. Trails with major mud areas, challenging obstacles, or dense bush

Club’s Riding Etiquette