Club Rides Schedule 2017

WNATV Ride 1:  Desjardins Sugar Bush – Saturday April 22, 2017 – Lead:  Bob Martin, Tail: Dale Wilson –  We will be leaving from Dale Wilson at 64 Pike Lake Road at 10 am to visit the maple syrup farm.  Maple syrup is for sale.  Bring a lunch.  We expect to be back by 3 pm.  Rating:  2

Sponsored by:   Caisse Populaire de Verner Ltée & Luc Charles Electrical



Ride Rating System

  1. Very easy, mostly road and good trails. No challenges.

  2. Mostly easy, but with some minor challenges.

  3. Trails with some minor mud, obstacles, and bush cover.

  4. Trails with some challenging mud, obstacles or fairly dense bush.

  5. Trails with major mud areas, challenging obstacles, or dense bush



Club’s Riding Etiquette

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