Capreol ride report — from Bob Martin

Capreol  ride: On a very sunny day Marcel & I left my house at 7:3o a.m., and then continued on to Verner where we met Larry Brandridge.  We drove to Capreol where we were met by Eric Cyr.  We continued on to Portalance Rd. where we parked .  There were 5 bikes & 5 riders. Then we were off exploring everything on the way.  First up was the North River which falls into Wanapetti Lake . We followed the river for about 12 miles.  At that point, one road goes north-east to the Sturgeon River, which we took.  This is a trail now, although it used to be a pretty good road. On and on we rode.  We ate dinner, and then continued on to the Sturgeon River where we had to stop because the Ministry has block the road. From here, we returned to the North River and crossed the bridge  and went onto explore so many roads there are too many to talk about.  We hit the road along the North River at about 6 .p.m. We then returned to the parking spot close to 7.p.m. — Ride Committee Chair, and Ride Leader, Bob Martin.