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East Road Ride Results – just beautiful!

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Under a beautiful summer morning sky, twelve anxious riders mounted their trusty iron horses, and followed their leader into the rising sun.  Go East, young riders, Go East!

Well this was a wonderful ride.  Under Bob Martin’s leadership a dozen riders on a variety of 9 ATV’s headed off down the East Road trail.  Most gathered at the Verner arena, and then convoyed south to North Monetville, picking up one additional member in Lavigne.  With nary a blackfly nor mosquito in sight, bikes were unloaded, signs erected, cameras unpacked, and riders dressed for a warm journey.  It was a pleasant and mostly easy ride to the east.  The gang was held up by a rather surly little snapping turtle, and Bob, with the dexterity and precision of a Spanish bull-fighter, coaxed the snarling amphibian out of harms way.

Lunch was eaten at the beautiful rock point on the south side of Lake Nipissing, overlooking the entrance to the West Arm waterways.  Several tales of days gone by were retold about colorful characters of the area.  Very entertaining lore from long ago.  And lunch was also in peace, away from any marauding mosquitos or blackflies.  It would seem the airforce of dragonflies overhead of us, much like the RAF of WWII deterred any threat to our peaceful eating and chatting.

We continued our journey, although the skies were beginning to look a little threatening.  Marie predicted a chance of rain, and perhaps thunderstorms on the return leg of the trip.  Thankfully, her prognostications were only partly correct.  We only had to endure about a dozen large drops of the wet stuff.  Thunder and lightning did not appear, and we all arrived safe and sound back at the parking area, completely dry.  (Actually a tad dusty for those bringing up the rear of our line of bikes, including our Tail rider Dale Wilson.)

Maybe it was the influence of the Strawberry Moon from the night before, but the atmosphere was extra friendly and we had a good time.  Both new and experienced members were on the ride, and there appeared to be nothing but smiles all around.

Just another great late spring ride by the WNATV club.

Now, we are looking forward to the next ride on June 24th – Rock Pine.

Thanks all for the wonderful ride.

Chuck Regan