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The Minutes of the April 11, 2018 Annual General Meeting have been posted.  Members, have a look under Club Business.


What We Do:

The West Nipissing ATV Club VTT Nipissing Ouest was established to promote the sport of safe and responsible ATV riding as well as to promote the development of dedicated and shared trails and the identification of other trails suitable for ATV riding within West Nipissing and adjoining areas.

Where We Are:

West Nipissing is situated between North Bay and Sudbury in Ontario, and lies north and west of Lake Nipissing.  It is comprised of many regions including the towns of Cache Bay, Crystal Falls, Field, Lavigne, Monetville, River Valley, Verner and Sturgeon Falls.

Our Goals:

  • To advocate for safe and responsible ATV riding.
  • To facilitate the development and identification of trails suitable for safe ATV riding.
  • To facilitate the marketing and promotion of dedicated and shared trails suitable for safe ATV riding.
  • To identify the funding sources and generate revenues for the attainment of its goals.
  • To foster awareness, education, protection and enhancement of wildlife and natural resources.
  • To work with other groups and supporters of trails for their promotion, development and management.
  • All Members are ambassadors for the Club and will behave in a respectful and responsible manner towards other members and the public, in promoting the sport of ATVing.

Our Tracks: